Why your neighbours are having more fun in the bedroom than you are……..

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As a business owner you have to wear many hats; sales and marketing, technical support, customer services; IT; HR; purchasing manager and worst of all just when you think you are going to get an evening to yourself you have to sit down and work on the accounts.

You spend hours of boredom and frustration sat in front of a computer screen entering invoices, and payments just so you can act as an unpaid tax collector for the Government in the form of VAT, PAYE and Income tax. Oh, and did I forget to mention the penalties if you are late or get it wrong!

So is everybody doing this? Actually, no!

Over 200,000 business owners have discovered a better way to enjoy their evenings using a product called Xero.

Xero has lots of fantastic benefits but what you will truly love about Xero is that you can set up a direct feed from your bank so that every night your transactions automatically import into Xero. What is more, Xero remembers where you have previously coded transactions eg Shell is fuel, NCP is parking, Staples is stationery etc, so the next time it recognises a payment to one of those suppliers it automatically codes the transaction to the same nominal account.

Xero is a Cloud based system so you can access it anywhere in the world with an internet connection eg on the train. So imagine; you logon; you find all the transactions already entered and coded for you; you simply click to approve them; and your accounts for the month and VAT return are done.

And your accountant loves it too. The records are kept in a format that makes the preparation of the  end of year accounts easier and because you can give your accountant access to your Xero he can collaborate with you during the year, reviewing the figures, helping with queries and providing advice etc.

So if you have better things to do with your time than entering payments and invoices, take a look at www.xero.com or contact us to arrange a free trial.

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