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Tax can be extremely taxing and it is often the case that a sole-practitioner or smaller accountancy practice, which is more than capable of handling day-to-day compliance, does not have the in-house expertise to handle a piece of tax advice.

This is by no means a negative reflection on their capabilities, that while they may be perfectly competent in the services they offer on a regular basis, this proficiency may not extend to more complex tax matters and it is in their interest to seek advice from an outside specialist. In fact, it is our experience that the strongest of advisers recognise their knowledge boundaries and seek help when it is needed.

By consulting with an expert to bridge the knowledge gap, the end client will likely benefit from comprehensive advice and tax savings, given in the confidence that all things have been considered and the risks of any such advice have been borne out. The accountant or lawyer seeking advice will benefit from time and possibly cost savings and the knowledge that their client is receiving the best possible advice, ultimately resulting in a satisfied client and additional goodwill for themselves.

As a member of the UHY International network, we are not only able to support our accountancy and legal clients in UK tax matters, but are also able to support their global interests by providing local and national expertise internationally. With specialist accountants and tax teams whose expertise we can draw on across the globe, it’s really no surprise that we have many accountants in smaller practices who come to our tax advisory team.

Services offered

TASS is offered in two ways: a white-label tax consultancy service working directly for the accountant or lawyer, and the second where we work directly for the end client. Whichever you choose, we promise to always respect your client relationship and will agree to sign an NDA or non-compete agreement where appropriate.
Our tax advisory services include, but are not limited to:

Next steps

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