The taxation rules for agricultural and farming are both complex and unique and it is therefore essential that you engage a firm of accountants that has specialist knowledge of the farming industry.

More than ever before, in these uncertain economic and climatic times, farm profits must be at the heart of  your decision making process.  However, at the same time, the long term future of the farm, for this and future generations, must be preserved. Your farm is not just a business asset, but invariably the family home and a way of the life.  All financial decisions should be thought through carefully so as to maintain the long term survival of the farm and ensure robust financial prospects and security.

Our experienced team have a clear understanding of the issues you face, including those raised by changes to the CAP, both in terms of strategic decision making and taxation planning.  We will ensure  that any advice covers all relevant factors. We appreciate that the taxation aspects of farming are complex so our specialists will ensure that everything is explained in accessible terms which are clear and easy to understand.

Call us now to discover how our experts can help you increase profits, safeguard your assets and maximise tax planning opportunities.