Tax investigations are on the increase.

As a direct result of the Exchequer’s intention to raise tax revenue innocent taxpayers will face an ever increasing risk of receiving an enquiry notice. Even if no tax is found payable, the worry and time consuming nature of a badly managed enquiry, can have a seriously detrimental effect on your business and private life.

It is natural for taxpayers to feel worried and threatened by the powers of HMRC. In fact, many accountants without years of tax investigation experience feel exactly the same way.

It is therefore essential, that in the event of an enquiry notice you immediately obtain specialist advice. You must be confident at all times that your interests are the priority. You must ensure that HMRC do not abuse their power but only act within the powers granted to them by the law.

By being proactive in the enquiry process our tax investigation experts will ensure that any enquiry is carried out in accordance with the strategy set by our experts and you, not those set by HMRC.

We firmly believe that this is no arena for amateurs and consequently our tax investigations team consists exclusively of Chartered Tax Advisors and former Inspector of Taxes.

Our experts will oversee the entire process, meaning that you will have the minimal contact necessary with HMRC. We will brief you before meetings, attend meetings on your behalf, liaise directly with HMRC at all stages, and ultimately negotiate and secure a fair settlement in terms of any tax payable and penalties.

Tax investigations

If you have received a tax enquiry notice and are concerned about what to do, please contact us immediately.