VAT can be a particularly complex area for the untrained, full of traps for the unwary.

On many occasions, with expert advice, even simple transactions can be restructured in a manner that can bring VAT savings, whilst at the other end of the spectrum, the failure to account for VAT properly on a transaction can result in costly penalties and interest.

That is why it is essential, that whatever your business plans, you are confident that you are receiving the very best of advice.

Whether it’s a simple VAT return or a complex transaction, our VAT experts have years of experience, are highly trained and have an extensive technical library to refer to.

Some of the more common areas that our experts advise on are:

  • International aspects (EU and non EU)
  • Construction and property
  • Second-hand good schemes
  • Tour operator margin schemes
  • Partial exemption issues
  • Retail and special schemes
  • Opting in and opting out
  • Transfers of a going concern
  • Capital good scheme

Whatever your question or concern its good to know that there is someone at hand to help you resolve the matter in a friendly, cost effective and tax efficient manner. Get in touch today.