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Do you need a grant audit?

If your business or organisation is applying for, or has been granted UK and EU government grants, you may be required to submit an audit report certified by an independent external auditor at the end of the claim or at points during the lifetime of the project. These specialist auditors must be Certified Independent Auditors. This is often a requirement to ensure compliance and to meet the terms and conditions required by the funding body.

Grants which require an independent audit include:

How to find a specialist grant auditor

    • You will need an accountant who is a Registered Auditor and should choose one who has undertaken grant audits before.
    • If the auditors have experience within your sector that is an added advantage.
    • Look for a firm of accountants with a good reputation for their audit work.
    • Grant audits are time sensitive and consequently, your chosen auditor must be able to deliver results quickly and reliably. Often the audit report must be submitted within a certain number of days of the period end and the funds are held back until the audit report is submitted. Firms undertaking them also usually need the money for cash flow purposes since R&D by nature involves an investment on the prospect of a future return, so that is another reason a quick turnaround is desirable. Clients looking for a grant audit are always interested in how quickly we can complete them. With the number of experienced audit staff we have, we are very good at turning these audits round quickly and reliably.

    Examples of grant audits we have undertaken

    • Automotive – An Innovate grant audit for Honda UK in relation to a hydrogen refuelling station for public transport
    • IT – A grant audit for a SAAS company that was developing an app.
    • Healthcare – A grant audit for a firm developing a mental health programme.
    • Medical – We have one client for whom we have done four medical-related grant audits including wetness sensors for nappies and pressure sensor for thrombosis.

    Why organisations come to us for grant audits

    UHY Ross Brooke is an independent registered auditor, with a friendly team who have the expertise to ensure that your deadlines are met, and that your claims are legitimate. We strongly believe that checking the legitimacy of claims and confirming this with you is a vital part of our role, as incorrect advice can prevent or delay receipt of grant funding.

    Clients often come to us where their existing accountants do not have expertise in this area or where their accountant considers the work to be too insignificant for them to take on. We are always happy to assist with grant audits.

    Our clients range from universities and government funded establishments to small family-owned businesses involved in their first R&D project, so you can be assured that your whatever size your project, your grant audits are in safe hands.

    The Next Steps

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    What our clients say

    If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

    I am delighted to recommend the team at Ross Brooke. Their guidance and diligence during the acquisition phase of my business proved invaluable and continues to be so. My firm now rely upon numerous lines of their services and value their personable skills and expert knowledge. I especially appreciate their prompt response to any query raised.

    Steve Cook


    Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide to the trust. Dean Blunden has been extremely helpful, knowledgeable, with a genuine desire to support our service in the best way possible – a real pleasure to work with! Emma Simmonds has also been a delight to work with – professional and helpful with a “nothing is too much trouble” attitude.

    I feel that moving to you was the best decision we have made!

    St Lukes Trust (Berkshire)


    Ross Brooke have always delivered a professional and valued extended accountancy service. They have provided excellent support to us as a growing business in a challenging international arena. We value their high integrity, business support and outstanding commitment to making our business a success.

    Tania Plaice


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