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Beware of this mobile phone tax trap

It is common for businesses to enter into a contract with a telecoms company to provide mobile phones to the company’s staff. There is no benefit in kind on the provision of the mobile phone as there is a specific provision in Section 319 ITEPA 2003 to exempt such a

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Guilty until proven innocent?

Personal view by Chris Davies – Don’t get me wrong. I am certainly not in favour of anyone breaking the law to avoid taxes and I appreciate that HMRC have a real battle to frustrate those who do not intend to pay their fair share of tax, but I do

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Why use an accountant?

 Most accountants are also successful business owners, and can offer much more than just accounts and tax services. They should be your on-call business partner, a sounding board for ideas, helping you run your business smoothly and suggesting ways to earn and keep more income. They also have a wide

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R&D Tax Relief – It's not rocket science

Updated 04/04/2022 Hands up anyone who would like to handover £1 and get £2.30 back? Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it? Well in a way that’s pretty much what the Research and Development Tax relief for small companies offers. The most surprising thing about this scheme is despite the

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HMRC win Contractor tax loan battle

HMRC have recently issued a “Spotlight” publishing their view on the various Contractor Loan Schemes following the decision in P Boyle (TC1303). Mr Boyle provided his services through an offshore company and extracted money from that company in the form of loans which he argued were not taxable. The tribunal

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Bricks vs Clicks

Despite overall static retail sales in the period, according to a survey by the British Retail Consortium, a record amount of shopping was performed online in December, with a staggering increase of almost 20% over the previous year. The rise was attributed to both increased use of smart phones and

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How our client paid just 10% tax on £800,000

Our client was a trading company owned 50% each, by husband and wife. The company had traded successfully for many years and had built up a large reserve of cash that was principally held on deposit account. The owners also had substantial cash reserves and property income in their personal

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child benefit and income tax

Child Benefit – Neither fair nor simple!

From 7th January 2013 Child Benefit entitlement has been withdrawn on a sliding scale on those households where at least one of the individual’s adjusted net incomes exceeds £50,000 per annum. The entitlement is entirely withdrawn where at least one of their adjusted net incomes exceeds £60,000 per annum. Whatever

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