Is your organisation involved in R&D? Did you know that the Innovate UK Grant can offer 70-100% funding for the costs of an R&D project?

Who needs a Grant Audit?

If your business or organisation is applying for, or has been granted UK and EU government grants, you may be required to submit an audit report certified by an independent external auditor at the end of the claim or at points during the lifetime of the project. This is often a requirement to ensure compliance and to meet the terms and conditions required by the funding body.

The most common grants we are asked to audit include:

  • UK Innovate grants
  • Horizon 2020
  • FP7

There are a host of others which require an independent audit, which we can also undertake for you.

Why organisations come to us

UHY Ross Brooke is an independent registered auditor, with a friendly team who have the expertise to ensure that your deadlines are met, and that your claims are legitimate. We strongly believe that checking the legitimacy of claims for R&D grants and confirming this with you is a vital part of our role, as incorrect advice can prevent or delay receipt of grant funding.

Clients often come to us where their existing accountants do not have expertise in this area or where their accountant considers the work to be too insignificant for them to take on. We are always happy to assist with grant audits.

Our clients range from universities and government funded establishments to small family-owned businesses involved in their first R&D project, so you can be assured that your whatever size your project, your grant audits are in safe hands.

The next step

Get in touch with our friendly team, and let us know what you need help with.

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