KashFlow – The ideal accounting software for small business owners

If you are a business owner looking for a simple entry level system then KashFlow could be ideal for you.

Because it is so simple to use it is perfect for the simplest of businesses that currently have little or no accounting knowledge.

KashFlow is a web-based application which means that you can access the program at any time as long as there is an internet connection. It also means that we can look at the same information as you in real-time without the need to send backups backwards and forwards.

Because the data is held on KashFlow’s servers the data is secured by a state of the art encryption service and users benefit immediately from the continual functionality development. Consequently the software is always entirely up to date and there is no requirement for the user to be involved in any updating or backing up of the system.

In addition KashFlow offer free support 24/7 with no extra charges no matter how much you use it. Its all included in the simple monthly fee which is fixed for life.

Why not try it free for 14 days? No contracts, no credit card details. If you don’t like it simply walk away.

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