Putting your affairs in order

When you pass away or lose your ability to remember important information, your estate administrators will need access to all your financial information to apply for probate, or to help you run your daily life. Your nearest and dearest are not always the people who need access to your details; it might be your solicitor or accountant.

But if you find it onerous to remember all your information in a paperless world, how can your administrators even know where to start, especially at a distressing and stressful time for them?

The solution

UHY Ross Brooke are delighted to offer Zenplans, a new digital estate planning tool which will help you to organize your important information in one place. You can give selective access to the people you trust, and the platform itself is secure.

The benefits

  • Everything organised: Your life’s important information, beautifully presented and available at your fingertips to view anytime, anywhere. No more searching for out-of-date paperwork or online accounts, and lower fees from your professional advisors.
  • Everything secure: Best-in-class security means you can live comfortably knowing that everything important is kept securely in Zenplans.
  • Everyone cared for: Ensure loved ones can access everything they’ll need easily at the appropriate time.

Easy, but secure, access to your data

Zenplan estate management tool dashboard

An example of information you can keep secure on Zenplans is:

  • Assets
    • Pensions
    • Bank accounts
    • Investments and shares
    • Property

  • Debts

  • Daily life
    • Insurance
    • Utilities
    • Passports, driving licences
    • Social media accounts
    • Website logins

  • Wishes
    • Wills
    • Expression of wishes
    • Power of attorney

And you can selectively grant access to each piece of information to whomever you wish, so you could give ‘read-only access’ to your assets to your accountant, ‘edit access’ to your solicitor for your will and ‘edit access’ to your insurance and utilities to your son for example.

Is it secure?

Data security is critical however you choose to store your information. Zenplans has measures to stop the wrong people accessing your account. Your data is encrypted and the platform is secure.

Zenplans is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO number ZA560401) and is Cyber Essentials Certified.

For more details, and the not-too-fine-print, please download the security and protection document.

How much is it?

We offer Zenplans to our clients for £50pa + VAT for single; £75pa + VAT for a couple (2022/2023 tax year). For a secure platform with selective access privileges, we think this is a great product at the right price, and one we’re happy to endorse.

If you’re thinking twice about it, consider how long it would take your administrator to find all of the information they require, and just one hour of the most junior solicitor’s time would pay for a whole year’s access to Zenplans.

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