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Investing in Crypto currency has become increasingly popular over the last few years, with many people expecting to make a quick fortune, with the added mistaken hope of a tax-free return.

Trading in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum(ETH), Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT) and Cardano (ADA) is now attracting the attention of HMRC, so beware! If you’re trading in crypto, you’d be wise to seek advice from an accountant who specializes in cryptocurrency and the tax implications.

How are Cryptocurrency Taxed? Do I need to pay UK tax on my cryptocurrency?

Most individuals will be subject to Capital Gains Tax on their profits from crypto trading. Details of how Capital Gains Tax is paid can be found here. Although, calculating any profit from cryptoassets can be complex as many cryptoassets are traded on exchanges that do not use pound sterling and it is also common for one cryptoasset to be exchanged for another. This can be further complicated as a result of the volatility of the crypto market and valuing your cryptoassets on disposal.

In rare circumstances an individual will be considered to be carrying on a business trading cryptoassets and be required to pay Income Tax and National Insurance on their cryptoassets, the most common instances being:

  • Mining activities
  • Transaction Confirmation
  • Airdrops
  • Yield farming

What is considered a disposal of cryptoassets?

A disposal of your cryptoassests for tax purposes will occur when;

  • There is a sale of your cryptoassets
  • Exchange your tokens for another type of cryptoasset
  • Use your crypto to pay for goods or services
  • Gift your cryptoassets to another person

What about undeclared gains on cryptoassets? Historical tax position.

You first need to review if your past crypto trading has been correctly reported to HMRC or if you have underdeclared your crypto gains. If you have, you are able to correct these past errors via HMRC’s disclosure facility. This can be a complex process that will require a review of your historical transactions to make good the underpaid tax and an explanation as to what went wrong so that HMRC can understand why the errors occurred, this will have a bearing on which tax years need to be made good and whether any penalties are due.

Our UK crypto accountants have extensive experience advising clients making voluntary disclosures to HMRC

What records do I need to keep?

HMRC can ask you produce the below information in a check of your tax affairs so records of all of the below should be retained;

  • type of tokens
  • date you disposed of them
  • number of tokens you’ve disposed of
  • number of tokens you have left
  • value of the tokens in pound sterling
  • bank statements and wallet addresses
  • a record of the pooled costs before and after you disposed of them.

Do HMRC know about my cryptoassets?

HMRC have been using its information-gathering powers to retrieve lists of investors from various exchanges over the past few years. HMRC have sent ‘nudge’ letters to investors to remind them they may need to pay tax. if you have received a letter please feel free to contact one of our experts to discuss.

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