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Written with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in mind, this publication contains a range of articles exploring the current business environment, including relevant tax and regulatory updates as well as practical advice for businesses at all stages of their lifecycle.

Our last edition of Prosper was published at the end of 2022, and many of the issues facing the UK economy then, continue to persist.

With inflation falling steadily, although more slowly than hoped or anticipated, many businesses and individuals across the UK are reviewing their finances to see if they can continue to weather the storm.

Our specialists provide expert insight on safeguarding and strengthening your business, as well as your personal financial situation, in this edition of Prosper.

In this issue, we address the persistent challenges faced by the UK economy. As businesses and individuals alike assess their financial resilience, our specialists offer expert guidance on safeguarding and fortifying your ventures in these uncertain times.The core of this edition revolves around empowering you with knowledge that is not only relevant but aids strategic decision-making. From corporate turnarounds that can pull an SME back from the brink, to exploring the future of AI in the UK and guidance on streamlining workflows with cutting-edge accounting automation technology.

Issue 7 includes:

  • Corporate turnarounds: pulling your businessback from the brink
  • What lies ahead for the future of AI in the UK?
  • Streamlining workflows: embracing accounting automation technology
  • Managing the new pension allowance landscape
  • The rising trend of employee ownership: a path to success for businesses

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