Tax Credits Warning

Posted 2016 by Chris Davies

We are constantly reminding our clients to be vigilant about scam or “phishing” emails promising money back, particularly at this time of year, just ahead of the 31 July Tax Credits renewal deadline.

If a recipient of one of these emails clicks on a link contained in one of the messages, they are taken to a replica of the HMRC website and asked to provide credit or debit card details of other sensitive information such as passwords.

Handing over sensitive information could not only see money being stolen from victims’ bank accounts, but also their personal details sold on to organised criminal gangs, leading to potential identity theft.

HMRC will never contact people and ask them to hand over personal or payment information by email, so people should be vigilant of suspicious looking emails.

HMRC is asking recipients of such emails to avoid clicking on links or opening attachment and forwarding such emails to the tax authority before deleting them.

If anybody receives a suspicious email they should forward it to

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