Small Business Saturday – 4th December 2021

accountant for owner managed businesses
Posted 2021 by Jane Loxton

At UHY Ross Brooke, we consider small local businesses to be the beating heart of our community and we do our best to support them in not only their accounting and business advisory needs, but also in sourcing our own supplies. In addition, we love the ‘shop local campaign’, which complements small businesses perfectly.

Small businesses are usually owner-managed, and every new customer can make an enormous difference to a whole family. Yes, we appreciate that it may cost a little more to buy from a small local business, but there are benefits too, which include:

  • keeping money circulating locally and not just lost via Amazon online to China (yes, we’re all guilty of this)
  • personalised contact and customer service with a real person, ensuring that you get what you actually wanted
  • creation of jobs, incomes and therefore tax paid in the UK
  • aspiration and positivity in the local community
  • building long-term relationships with tradespeople and shops, which is so important when you need them in an emergency.

Choosing local and small has never been more important to the success of the communities in which we live and work; this has become so apparent over the last 2 years. So join us in supporting your local small businesses not just on Saturday 4th December, but every day of the year.

If you’re a small local business looking for some accounting help, or business advice, we’re always happy to see you. Please get in touch.