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Why using Google or AI for tax advice is not a great idea

should you use ai chatgpt for tax advice

Most of us will use Google when we want to know the answer to a simple question, but why should you use a specialist tax advisor rather than Google or AI for tax advice?

By Chris Davies

First, tax advisors offer personalised guidance tailored to your specific financial situation, something AI or generic online sources cannot provide. Without being aware of your full circumstances or the full facts the answer will almost always be incorrect.

Second, tax laws are complex and constantly changing; specialist advisors are up-to-date with current regulations, ensuring compliance and optimization of your tax benefits, whilst AI products such as ChatGPT almost certainly are not.

Thirdly, AI can produce “hallucinations”, creating facts and answers that simply do not exist. See my blog on the tax tribunal case recently where the taxpayer unwittingly presented no less than nine entirely fictitious tax cases as evidence, that had been generated by AI.

Fourthly, when HMRC challenge you, tax advisors can represent you in arguing your case, offering expertise and peace of mind.

Lastly, while AI can process generic information, it lacks the human insight and strategic thinking necessary for nuanced tax planning and decision-making.

Whilst AI and Google are very useful tools when used in the right way, there currently is no replacement for professional expertise.


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