We’re making life easier for our landlords

Managing your lettings business can be a real drain on your time. Keeping track of tenants, documents, certificates, rent and outgoings often means that you spend too much time managing the paperwork.

We’d like to share a useful app with you, written by landlords, for landlords, which will help you stay on top of your outgoings, income, safety certificates and insurances quickly and efficiently.

Whether you rent out a single room and need a simple way to manage it, or own a complicated rental property portfolio and are looking for the most profitable future ventures, this highly flexible app will feed you your key information in real-time.

A simple to use property management app?

The app is intuitive and with free onboarding from experienced specialists and easy-to-follow videos, it should be relatively painless to change over from your existing way of working.

It’s compliant with MTD for Income Tax, so you’ll benefit from timesaving efficiencies and will be ready for MTD in good time, and won’t have any nasty surprises at the last minute.

What does this app do?

Whether your portfolio is broad and complex or you just rent one room, this app provides:

  • real-time notifications for rental payments (including late rent reminders)
  • reminders for expiring documents and deadlines
  • up-to-date profit and loss statements

and will help you to:

  • manage your tenancies: tenants, HMO’s eg student housing, and those managed by letting agents and 3rd parties
  • handle different portfolios including jointly held properties
  • connect most UK bank accounts to automate entries and see in real-time your rental related transactions
  • remove time consuming bookkeeping and eliminate errors
  • track profit per individual property
  • track key metrics including rental yields, occupancy rates, P&L statements and LTV –vital for large-scale professional property investors
  • update your records or receive updates on payments on the move via your mobile app

A free property management app?

If you’re one of the first 20 people to sign up, we’ll even give you the app for free.

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