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Don’t fall foul of HMRC R&D tax credit claims investigations

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HMRC are now taking a much more aggressive approach to R&D tax credit claims and a recent case in point highlighted this.

On 16th September 2021, the courts dismissed an appeal in relation to a research and development claim. In summary the appellant had received a repayable credit from HMRC, however subsequently an enquiry had been opened into the accounting period in question. The respondents then issued a closure notice denying the claim and requiring the tax credit to be repaid.

At the first-tier tribunal the commissioners for HMRC were successful in arguing that the Appellant had failed to establish on the balance of probabilities that the activity involved a project seeking to achieve a technological advance through the resolution of a technological uncertainty.

The case demonstrates the intricacies of the R&D regime and the importance of using experienced R&D professionals to assist with claims / documenting and evidencing why a project qualifies in accordance with the BEIS guidelines. Some of the pitfalls identified in the case are outlined below:

  • the Appellant provided no evidence from a competent professional in the field
  • the Appellant do not provide contracts or invoices to identify the exact nature of the work commissioned
  • the platform was described in a permanent ‘beta state’ which enabled HMRC to argue that the uncertainty had not been resolved
  • the scientific or technological uncertainty which the proposed platform was intended to overcome was not clearly outlined

UHY Ross Brooke employ experienced R&D specialists to ensure that only robust claims are submitted and where necessary will advise clients to amend or indeed withdraw claims where appropriate.

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