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Boris Johnson has been vilified for shuffling his papers and mumbling ‘forgive me’, but simple apologies won’t go down well with HMRC either if you miss the self-assessment deadline.

Self-assessment deadline 2020/2021

Remember to file your tax return for tax year 2020/21 by 31st January 2022, but don’t leave it til the last minute to prepare or submit it! If you were hoping to send a paper return, you’ve missed the October 2021 deadline, so will need to complete it online.

Who needs to file a UK tax return?

You will be asked by HMRC to complete a self assessment tax return if you:

  • Have any sources of untaxed income eg landlords
  • Are a higher rate tax payer with further tax to pay
  • Have sold an asset (including property or crypto assets) and may be liable to Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Are self-employed or a company director

HMRC may already have contacted you about your self-assessment, but did you know that you can choose to send your own tax return? You may wish to do this if you believe that you are owed a tax refund and would like it sooner rather than later.

Who can advise me on my tax return?

You can file it yourself, but if it’s complicated or you need a little more support, UHY Ross Brooke can undertake as much or as little as you require. Get in touch with our friendly team or find out more about how we can help.

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