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GUEST BLOG – Choosing the right solicitor for you

There are many reasons why people need solicitors. You may be selling your business, putting together a major new contract or moving location. It might form part of your tax planning strategy or just getting your business in order. In the worst case, you may be involved in a dispute, whether business or personal. Many people feel that they are able to muddle through a legal situation, especially as the internet contains vast amounts of information and advice and most people you talk to will have an opinion. But beware the armchair lawyer. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Solicitors often seem expensive, but they are a lot cheaper than getting it wrong! We train for many years to not only know the law but also to assess the situation and apply the law. Finding the right adviser is rather like finding the perfect partner – you have to find the right personality fit for the relationship to really work. However, some traits are common in all good solicitors: –        The ability to listen. Every person and situation is different. The only way that we can find out what the situation is and what the client needs is by listening to them. –        The ability to explain. The law can be extremely complicated. As solicitors, we need to be able to translate abstract and confusing rules into clear advice and actions. –        The ability to adapt. Both clients and circumstances change during the relationship. Good advisers are able to incorporate new information into their thinking to get to the best result for the client. Fundamentally, a good solicitor will add value. This value could be measurable in pounds and pence or it could be a drop in the number of grey hairs and sleepless nights. Gardner Leader solicitors can give you that peace of mind. Click here to come and see us.

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