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My dog ate my tax return!

My dog ate my tax return

If you have been asked to complete a self-assessment return for 2015/16 then you have until the end of January to submit the form online to HMRC.

If the return does not reach HMRC in time then there will be an automatic penalty of £100 even if there is no tax due or all tax has been paid before the due date. The only grounds for appeal against the penalty are if the taxpayer can show that he had a reasonable excuse for non-submission.

In order to win the appeal, generally the taxpayer will have to show that he took all possible steps to file the return on time but was prevented from doing so by matters beyond his control e.g. A sudden illness of the taxpayer or close family member, a fire or flood, an unexpected postal strike or a computer failure close to the filing date.

Unsurprisingly well worn excuses such as ‘my dog ate the return’ or ‘a child scribbled on it’ or ‘my mum forgot to post it’ cuts little ice with HMRC even though every year hopeful taxpayers believe HMRC will be as gullible as their former schoolteachers.

If you want to be sure that your tax return is completed accurately and on time do get in touch via email cdavies@ross-brooke.co.uk or telephone 01635 555 666

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