Jake – ACA trainee

Newbury Office

ACA trainee

About Jake

What did you study prior to starting your role? Was this at sixth form or university?

I studied Accounting and Finance at Oxford Brookes University.

Why have you chosen a career in accountancy?

I’ve always been good with numbers but found maths alone too boring, so I decided that accountancy would be the best career path to take that involved numbers and had good job opportunities too.

About Jake’s job / training

What is your role and which team do you predominantly work in?

I work equally within the audit department and the accounts department.

Is there a typical day at UHY Ross Brooke? What does it look like for you?

Not really, every day is different.

What type of training are you undertaking and how long will it last?

I’m undertaking the ACA qualification which lasts for 3 years.

What mentor support is provided to ensure you have an opportunity to succeed in your exams and your role?

There is great flexibility with my exams e.g. I can choose whether I want to do 2 at a time or one by one. The managers are all very supportive when it comes to exams, they’ve all done the exams themselves and know how tough they are so they’re very supportive.

Tell us about your team, your close colleagues.

Everyone is very friendly and willing to help each other. If I’m having any issues at work I never hesitate to ask for help as I know that my team are very supportive, especially when I first arrived at UHY Ross Brooke. I will often meet up with colleagues outside of work as I consider them to be genuine friends.

Have you been given an opportunity to get to know any of the Partners?

Emily is heavily involved with the ACA qualification perspective of the job so I have gotten to know Emily well. She is very approachable and will listen to any work related issues that you have which is reassuring as she is so high up in the management chain.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Coming out of the job as a chartered accountant with a professional certification with ACA.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Adapting to the changes made in the world which effect how we do our job, such as how we account for goods imported from the EU after Brexit.

About the company

What attracted you to UHY Ross Brooke in the first place and what makes the firm stand out for you as an exceptional / good employer?

UHY Ross Brooke stood out to me due to how many trainees they had before I joined, I had never seen a professional company employ so many young people which helped me realise how much faith they put into young people, which was very refreshing to see.

Tell us about the working environment at UHY Ross Brooke?

The working environment is great, it’s the perfect balance of professional and social. Everyone in the office works hard but the days won’t be completely silent, people will come up and chat with you which breaks the days up nicely.

Why would you recommend joining the UHY Ross Brooke team as a trainee accountant?

It’s a much less pressured environment to grow as an accountant in compared to other companies. With the exams and ACA qualification there’s really no pressure on how to do the exams, you can get them all over and done with quickly or take them slowly if you’d prefer and upper management are very accepting of that. Whereas other companies will force you to stick to a certain exam schedule which may not be suitable to you.

And finally

What are your ambitions here at UHY Ross Brooke? Where and what do you aspire to be in the future?

Once I qualify as a chartered accountant I hope to become a client manager at UHY Ross Brooke and maintain my own client portfolio.

Next steps

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