Brython – ACA trainee

Newbury Office

ACA trainee

About Brython

What did you study prior to starting your role? Was this at sixth form or university?

I studied for a masters degree in History at Bangor University.

Why have you chosen a career in accountancy?

Accountancy is a solid career path, with plenty of flexibility once you qualify. You gain an insight into the issues affecting businesses across numerous industries.

About Brython’s job / training

What is your role and which team do you predominantly work in?

I work in the audit and accounts team, with a strong focus on audit over the past year.

Is there a typical day at UHY Ross Brooke? What does it look like for you?

One of the great things at training at UHY Ross Brooke is that there are no typical days. In the audit and accounts team we do a variety of work, from bookkeeping and VAT to company accounts and audit. My day usually involves audit work, which can be in the office or at a client’s.

What type of training are you undertaking and how long will it last?

The ACA apprenticeship usually lasts 3 years.

What mentor support is provided to ensure you have an opportunity to succeed in your exams and your role?

I have been fortunate to learn something from all my colleagues – everyone pitches in to ensure people are trained so that they can do their role to the best of their abilities.

Tell us about your team, your close colleagues.

The audit and accounts team is a close knit group at Newbury, full of people who are great to both work and socialise with. It’s especially good to be able to go to college at the same time as your colleagues.

Have you been given an opportunity to get to know any of the Partners?

All of the Partners are heavily involved in all the work we have going on, so there is ample opportunity to get to know them. My experience is that the Partners are approachable and are really invested in getting the best out of the trainees at the Newbury office.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

Feeling like you’ve managed to complete something difficult by yourself – and getting recognised for doing so.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Dealing with incomplete information and having to make a judgement call on how to proceed with the job at hand.

About the company

What attracted you to UHY Ross Brooke in the first place and what makes the firm stand out for you as an exceptional / good employer?

I was initially attracted to UHY Ross Brooke as I wanted to be appreciated as an individual rather than feel like more than just a number (as can occasionally be the case at larger firms). The minute I came in for an interview I felt welcomed, and the location of the Newbury office is great. I think what makes the company stand out as an exceptional employer is that you really feel like the Partners and the managers are invested in you as a person rather than just an employee.

Tell us about the working environment at UHY Ross Brooke?

The working environment is very busy – there’s always something that needs doing! But that doesn’t mean that people aren’t able to stop for a chat and get to know their colleagues, and I think that makes for a great working environment.

Why would you recommend joining the UHY Ross Brooke team as a trainee accountant?

You will become a well rounded professional. At first you try a bit of everything, but there is definitely scope to specialise later down the line too. The work environment and the friendly team are also huge positives.

And finally

What are your ambitions here at UHY Ross Brooke? Where and what do you aspire to be in the future?

I am aiming to be qualified before the end of the year. I’m hoping to continue to gain audit experience on bigger and more complex jobs – though I am also keen to potentially do some work in tax too! The beauty of working at UHY Ross Brooke is there is always a chance to try your hand at a new challenge.

Next steps

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