Would you use an unqualified Dentist?

Posted 2015 by admin

Would you use an unqualified Dentist, Doctor or Solicitor? Would you let a self-taught dentist extract your teeth; an amateur doctor operate on you; or an unqualified solicitor represent you in a big case that… Read More

No Email Day 4th April 2014

Posted 2014 by admin

Not everyone is engrossed in their emails daily, but if you are like me, involved in business via email you will know how difficult it is to avoid, or how often you find yourself checking… Read More

Is your accountant holding your business back?

Posted 2014 by admin

Mobile phones, i-pads, tablets, – we all live in a mobile World. Yet many accountants seem oblivious to the changes that are going on around them and consequently they are failing to help their clients’… Read More