Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Coronavirus Job retention Scheme
Posted 2020 by Chris Davies

The Government recognise that businesses may need to make staff cut backs either through short term lay-offs or through redundancies. Either way this will have a big impact on employees’ livelihoods and if they lose… Read More

Initial reaction to the Budget

Posted 2020 by Chris Davies

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced his Budget to Parliament on Wednesday 11th March; the wider implications of which are sure to impact upon SMEs across the UK. This budget has come at a… Read More

Year end tax planning tips

Tax planning
Posted 2020 by Chris Davies

As we approach the tax year end our Tax Manager Josh Pearce shares his thoughts on what to do to ensure you are tax optimal! Accountants and Financial Advisers alike provide their hints and tips… Read More

Off-payroll working and closing my company. What are the options?

Off payroll possibilities
Posted 2020 by Chris Davies

HMRC have recently confirmed that the new Off-Payroll rules explained in our earlier blog will only apply to work performed after 5 April 2020, regardless of actual payment date. Whilst that is good news… Read More