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Common Mistakes in Cryptotax Filings and How to Avoid Them

Cryptocurrencies have disrupted the financial world and have led to much discussion about taxation. While it’s exciting to be part of this financial revolution, it’s equally essential to keep the taxman satisfied. And that’s where many crypto enthusiasts make costly mistakes. By Joshua Pearce – Crypto Tax Specialist Why cryptotax

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crypto assets regulation

Advanced Cryptotax Planning in the UK

The crypto world is bursting with perplexing technicalities and regulations. So let’s break things down and simplify the complex terrain of cryptotax planning in the UK. By Joshua Pearce – Crypto Tax Specialist Introduction to Cryptotax What is Cryptotax? Every time you get a crypto asset (sell, trade, or earn

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shareholders agreements and company valuations

Which is better a partnership or a limited company?

The decision of whether to form a partnership or a limited company depends on your specific business needs and goals. Both types of business structures have their own advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of a partnership: Advantages of a limited company: Ultimately, the decision which type of business structure is best

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crypto specialist accountants

Self assessment for crypto investors

Crypto investors may need to declare their income tax by filing a self assessment tax return, but how can you minimise how much tax you will have to pay? You could consider: Crypto tax can be very complicated and it’s worth taking professional advice from a crypto tax accountant. If

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crypto tax accountant business startup

Tax implications of being paid a salary in crypto

As increasing numbers of businesses are operating in the crypto space, more employees are being paid in crypto, and consequently we are often asked, how do I pay tax on my earnings? Most employees in the UK are paid in fiat currency and will be subject to PAYE tax on

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tax investigation insurance

The taxman may come knocking – are you ready?

HMRC has been allocated an additional £73m to focus its tax investigations on high net worth individuals and offshore accounts. While your tax position may stand up to scrutiny from HMRC, the prospect of an investigation is never welcome and can not only take a great deal of time to

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crypto tax advice

Tax implications of crypto staking and lending in the DeFi world

The possibilities offered by de-fi seems to be virtually endless, but two very popular areas have been crypto staking and lending. By Chris Davies These come in various flavours but the underlying common theme is that these typically have offered returns, well above those offered by traditional banks and lenders.

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