Tax implications of earning in crypto

Posted 2022 by Chris Davies

More and more we are hearing of people being paid in crypto either as employees or on a self-employed basis and they ask us the question “What’s my tax position?” There are a number factors… Read More

Crypto currency – A scammers dream?

tips for hospitality staff rules
Posted 2021 by Jane Loxton

The use of crypto currency is becoming increasingly common, whether it be for payment of goods or services or for investment purposes. In the last year Bitcoin has appreciated by 500% and potential investors are… Read More

Are you unhappy with an HMRC tax decision?

HMRC investigation appeal
Posted 2020 by Chris Davies

Typically, if you have a disagreement with HMRC then you appeal their decision. Note that under the current COVID19 arrangements there is an extended appeal period, and if you need help with an appeal then… Read More

Year end tax planning tips

Tax planning
Posted 2020 by Chris Davies

As we approach the tax year end our Tax Manager Josh Pearce shares his thoughts on what to do to ensure you are tax optimal! Accountants and Financial Advisers alike provide their hints and tips… Read More