Taxation of crypto currency

Accountants and tax specialists for bitcoin crypto currency
Posted 2019 by Chris Davies

Developments in the world of blockchain and crypto currency move fast and much has changed since HMRC’s original guidance on the subject of crypto currency published in 2014. In that original guidance there was a… Read More

Autumn 2017 Budget Predictions

Posted 2017 by Chris Davies

Don’t forget to put November 22nd in your diary. It’s the Chancellor’s first official Autumn Budget. If you think that it seems like we have only just had a Budget you would be right. The… Read More

Announcing the Ross Brooke taxapp

Posted 2017 by Chris Davies

We are proud to introduce the new Ross Brooke taxapp! At Ross Brooke, we are committed to providing you with all the information you require, in an easy to understand format. Designed to help you… Read More

Why and how you should move your accounts to the Cloud

Posted 2017 by Chris Davies

Traditionally businesses have kept their accounting records in three general formats; manual records, spreadsheets and desktop systems. Each of these has always been less than adequate but with the advent of cloud computing their weaknesses… Read More

What does making tax digital mean for you?

Posted 2017 by Chris Davies

Making Tax Digital, or MTD as its commonly known, is the Government’s plan to make the UK the world’s most digitally advanced taxation system. HMRC believe that MTD will help eliminate estimated annual tax losses… Read More

VAT blow to small businesses

2016 Autumn statement VAT flat rate scheme 16.5%
Posted 2016 by Chris Davies

I can recall the introduction of the VAT Flat Rate Scheme in 2002, which was originally fanfared as a simplification measure for small businesses. After such a long time I don’t recall the exact rates… Read More