Pole Dancer’s Duality of Purpose

Pole dancer Taxes
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

At the very heart of direct taxation for the self-employed is the concept of “wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade”. In order for an expense to be tax deductible the sole purpose… Read More

Will I get a Basic State Pension

Basic state pension forecast from National insurance contributions
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

Many of our director/shareholders quite legitimately take their remuneration in the form of a small salary and the remainder in dividends. In most cases this avoids expensive National insurance charges which can be 12% for… Read More

Year end Tax Planning Reminder

Tax planning 5th April
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

It is that time of year again, when we start to think about the things we need to do for the tax year that we haven’t yet done. Save today for tomorrow! Accountants and Financial… Read More

Autumn 2017 Budget Predictions

Budget balancing the books
Posted 2017 by Chris Davies

Don’t forget to put November 22nd in your diary. It’s the Chancellor’s first official Autumn Budget. If you think that it seems like we have only just had a Budget you would be right. The… Read More