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Tax Relief for Expenditure on Plant and Machinery

Did you know the generous tax breaks that exist for investing in plant and machinery for your business? There are several reliefs that are available but I will focus on AIA (Annual Investment Allowance) and ‘Full Expensing’ for plant and machinery. By Daniel Smith – Client Manager Annual Investment Allowance:

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accountant for innovators

Be the disrupter

Disrupters are the firms that come up with new ideas and challenge the way things are done. In order to become a disrupter in your market, your firm must be prepared to innovate relentlessly, challenge norms and redefine industry standards. By Chris Davies If you want to succeed, you need

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audits and auditors

Why Changing Your Auditors Could Be the Best Move for Your Business

As a business owner, you’ve undoubtedly worked hard to grow and maintain your company in an ever-competitive market. But, as with every other aspect of your business, periodic evaluation and change are crucial to ensure sustained growth and success. One area often overlooked by companies is their relationship with their

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How the Xero ecosystem can revolutionise your small business

As a small business owner, you will be familiar with the relentless pursuit of efficiency and productivity. It’s a never-ending quest to do more with less, to streamline operations, and maximize your resources. In this digital age, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is cloud-based software, particularly

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working from home tax relief expenses

Why haven’t you outsourced your payroll yet?

If you’re running a business in the UK, you will no doubt be familiar with the concept of payroll. Payroll preparation presents its own unique challenges; it’s a complex world of tax codes, employment legislation, and endless paperwork that can make even the bravest of business owners feel a bit

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crypto & nft tax advice

Common Mistakes in Cryptotax Filings and How to Avoid Them

Cryptocurrencies have disrupted the financial world and have led to much discussion about taxation. While it’s exciting to be part of this financial revolution, it’s equally essential to keep the taxman satisfied. And that’s where many crypto enthusiasts make costly mistakes. By Joshua Pearce – Crypto Tax Specialist Why cryptotax

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crypto assets regulation

Advanced Cryptotax Planning in the UK

The crypto world is bursting with perplexing technicalities and regulations. So let’s break things down and simplify the complex terrain of cryptotax planning in the UK. By Joshua Pearce – Crypto Tax Specialist Introduction to Cryptotax What is Cryptotax? Every time you get a crypto asset (sell, trade, or earn

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R&D tax relief

Merger of R&D Tax Relief Schemes to go ahead

The government have issued draft legislation for consultation on the proposal to merge the two forms of corporation tax relief for expenditure on research and development (R&D) For expenditure incurred on or after 1 April 2024, it is proposed that the two schemes providing for R&D relief – R&D expenditure

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