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accountant for wills, probate IHT and estate planning

Plan for the future now

Most of us have never been involved in dealing with someone’s ‘estate’ until a person close to us dies. Being confronted by a mass of legal terms and procedures can be daunting, particularly when we are also dealing with bereavement. Putting the right things in place well in advance; such

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cross-border tax advice

Cross-border tax considerations

If there is an international dimension to your personal or business or corporate financial affairs then you should be very aware that times are changing, and the aggressiveness of tax authorities, certainly across the UK and EU is on the up. Period. By David Jones – Tax Director The tax

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accountant for charity trustees

Advice for charities to concentrate on their positive work

The Charity Commission has recently concluded its regulatory compliance case into the Actors’ Benevolent Fund and has drawn out some lessons that can benefit all charities. The case was opened in February 2022 over concerns about how the Fund was being governed and its financial controls. There were significant disagreements

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accountant advice for equiment purchase

Lease, Contract Hire or Hire Purchase?

One of the questions we are often asked is “which is the best way to buy equipment?” Let’s consider the options: Lease Leasing means renting an asset (such as machinery, vehicle or computer) from a finance company for a set period. After the lease term ends, you usually return the

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tax advice if HMRC helpline is no good

HMRC Secures £51 Million to Improve Helpline Services

HMRC has received a £51 million boost from the Treasury to improve its helpline services. This funding will help HMRC meet and exceed its service targets, addressing recent challenges. This funding comes after HMRC considered cutting critical support lines for taxpayer self-assessment, VAT, and PAYE. Following backlash from stakeholders, these

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tax NIC and health insurance

Can I pay for health insurance through my company?

Is a question I am asked fairly regularly, and my answer is that you can, but generally for tax reasons I wouldn’t recommend it. By Chris Davies Admittedly health insurance contributions will be a corporation tax deductible expense for the company saving tax at 19%, 25% or 26.5%, but depending

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accountant for innovators

Harnessing AI for Enhanced Capital Allowances Analysis & Reporting

In the ever-evolving landscape of finance and taxation, businesses are constantly seeking ways to optimise their financial operations. One area that has seen significant advancement is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in capital allowances analysis and reporting. Accountants who leverage AI software are providing their clients with unparalleled benefits,

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