GUEST BLOG – Why on earth would someone in business have a coach? – by Nigel Scott Action Coach

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Well – why not have a business coach? The world’s best sports people – individuals and teams – routinely have a team of coaches around them. The purpose? To help the athlete or team perform at their very best. And businesses are no different; many businesses, both large and small, all around the world engage a Coach because it’s a way to get the best from the people running the business. (If you’re not sure about this, check out what Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google has to say about it. You can find it in the obvious place!)

So in business, what should a good Business Coach bring? Here are three things to look out for.

  • Business is about results. It’s about many other things as well, however in business the scoreboard is clear. A Business Coach must be able to help you find extra profit and cash that might be ‘hiding’ in your business and help you to release it. This requires a rigorous approach to asking the right questions, helping you to find the answer, and insisting that you take some action.
  • Many of us are familiar with the expression ‘If you always do what you always did, you’ll always get what you always got’. Einstein is often quoted as saying that ‘a definition of insanity is to the same things over and over again, and yet expect to get a different result’. (I’m not sure he actually ever said it, but the gist is clear!) So a good Business Coach will help you to define the outcomes that you want, and then hold you accountable for doing what’s required to achieve them.
  • Growth and change. Healthy businesses are always growing and developing, and for that to happen the people leading them must do the same. That’s not to say that we all must aspire to be global businesses – however the world around us will not stand still, competition and customers will not remain unchanged for ever. So a Business Coach should provide support and challenge in equal measure to ensure that you are learning, growing and developing, so that you become the leader that your business of the future deserves.

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