Budget 2018 Winners and Losers

2018 Budget
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

With Brexit looming no-one was really expecting any earth shattering news but better than expected tax receipts allowed the chancellor to make some welcome tax cuts whilst taking the opportunity to tighten up some perceived… Read More

Pole Dancer’s Duality of Purpose

Pole dancer Taxes
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

At the very heart of direct taxation for the self-employed is the concept of “wholly and exclusively for the purposes of the trade”. In order for an expense to be tax deductible the sole purpose… Read More

Will I get a Basic State Pension

Basic state pension forecast from National insurance contributions
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

Many of our director/shareholders quite legitimately take their remuneration in the form of a small salary and the remainder in dividends. In most cases this avoids expensive National insurance charges which can be 12% for… Read More

Worrying Times for Contractors

Personal service company IR35
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

These are worrying times for anyone providing their services through a Personal service Company (PSC) and potentially affected by IR35. Deciding whether a contract falls within or outside of IR35 can be very difficult as… Read More

Ross Brooke announce opening of Abingdon office

Ross Brooke Accountants in Abingdon
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

Ross Brooke Chartered Accountants is strengthening its position in the Thames Valley with the opening of an Abingdon office.  Ross Brooke currently works with a wide-ranging client base across most industries, offering accountancy, taxation and business… Read More

EMI Schemes – Urgent Update!

EMI, Enterprise Management Incentive,
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

On 4 April 2018, HMRC announced that EU State Aid approval for the tax reliefs associated with a grant of EMI options was due to expire on 6 April 2018, leaving little or no time… Read More

Headlines from the Spring Statement

2016 Autumn statement VAT flat rate scheme 16.5%
Posted 2018 by Chris Davies

This week Chancellor Philip Hammond set out changes to the government’s taxation income and expenditure in his first Spring Statement, many of which will have an impact on the way the UK’s small businesses operate… Read More