The work that Charities perform is invaluable and our lives would be so much the poorer without them. It is therefore essential that we do everything we can to support them.

However, the current economic climate and cuts in central Government spending have led to difficult times for Charities. Faced with these cuts, now more than ever, as a Charity Trustee you will be looking for a firm of accountants that can help you meet your aims to increase revenue and reduce costs.

We have a proven track record helping Charities and currently act for Charities in the areas of historical interest, cultural, religious, social welfare and health.

Whatever the size or purpose of your Charity, we offer a complete package of services including, day to day bookkeeping, annual audits and  Charity accounts, VAT advice, Gift Aid advice, tax planning and how to comply with the ever increasing burden of regulation.

With so many years of experience in this sector you can be sure that our Charity Accounts specialists will offer your Charity real value for money.

Call us now to discover how our experts can help you.